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School Teacher Project Title Purpose/Outcome Full or Partial
Collins Hill High School Natalie Dollar Performance To replace the cyclorama for the CHHS Theater. Outcome would be enhanced theater experiences for Fine Arts students. Partial
Collins Hill High School Rick Ritland Eagle Innovations @ The Hill To expand the robotics curriculum to include all Engineering classes, VEX robotics and TSA clubs. Outcome will be growing the number of students involved in engineering fields upon graduation. Partial
Collins Hill High School Dr. Kim Nichols / Dr. Chris Martin Strengths- Based Student Leadership Two principals are teaching a course called "Peer Facilitation," to build leadership skills. They would like to purchase a system from Clifton called StrengthsFinder to run an assessment for students in the class. The outcome will be 14 service projects initiated, planned, and implemented by students Full
Collins Hill High School Bryan Daniels Marching Band Audio Improvements Purpose is to allow students to produce better product through the enhancement of the audio equipment for Collins Hill marching band. Outcome will be shows with interesting effect, such as more solos performed by students. Full
Creekland Middle School Ashley Worley SOARbucks Cafe To teach vocational and employability skills to both general and special education students. Students will learn to run a business and serve all kinds of people. Full
Creekland Middle School Carrie Card Green Screen Learning Station To use technology in the media center to create impressive videos that showcase learning. Outcome would be student access to the technology for classwork as well as to create videos for extracurricular activities. These skills would be transferrable to High School media labs. Partial
Creekland Middle School Kim Lindsey Break-out Boxes for activities To use clues, puzzles, and scenarios to utilize teamwork skills, critical thinking skills, and math skills. Full
Creekland Middle School Michelle Fitzsimmons I can do it by my-self! To enable students in a special education setting to communicate and to work on being more self-sufficient. The outcome is to help nonverbal students learn how to communicate their needs. Full
Creekland Middle School Lynn Ryals STEM Project Kids for Self-Contained Special Education Students To provide STEM experiences for self-contained students to experience the eight practices of science and engineering embedded in new AKS standards. Outcome is ability for students to practice critical thinking and problem solving. Full
McKendree Elementary John Schaefer Domino Math To help children gain confidence in their math abilities through fun math games. Outcome will be improved math problem solving skills. Full
McKendree Elementary Emilie Ogden / Taylor Warren Instilling High Expectations: High School Graduation Banner Project To reduce high school dropout rates within the cluster and build a long-lasting culture of high expectations. Outcome is students being reminded that High School Graduation is their goal. Full
McKendree Elementary Meaghan Wagar Learning to Code: Wonder Workshop Dash To engage learners while teaching them to code the robot dash. Outcome will be students increasing coding level and ability to code Dash to complete various tasks. Full
Rock Springs Elementary Betsy Cummins Thinking Games! To purchase games for Brain Games Day, which encourages critical thinking skills and problem solving. This is an existing program which these purchases would supplement. Outcome would be all Rock Springs students rotating through the Special day and increasing critical thinking skills. Full
Rock Springs Elementary Katie Ford iPad Tablet To allow access to Osmo software. Outcome would be student engagement with learning. Full
Rock Springs Elementary Cayla Walker Sensory Exploration for Educational Success To develop a sensory room that allows students who need it to utilize the equipment and materials. Outcome is students being able to manage sensory needs functionally and allowing for better transition to middle school. Full
Rock Springs Elementary Jamie McFarland Sensory Exploration for Educational Success To develop a sensory room that allows students who need it to utilize the equipment and materials. Outcome is students being able to manage sensory needs functionally and allowing for better transition to middle school. Full
Rock Springs Elementary Sarah Waller Time for a Tune Up! Students will learn how to tune an instrument as well as why tuning is important for musicians and other important concepts. Outcome is students will be able to determine if instruments are sharp or flat and how to fix it. Full
Rock Springs Elementary Lorin Allison Elementary Self-Expression To provide PIXIE, a software that allows students to translate their ideas into multimedia projects. It would be installed on existing iPads as well as in the computer lab. Outcome is students developing 21st century skills. Full
Taylor Elementary Robin Thompson Learning with Jolly Phonics To allow students at Taylor access to the Jolly Phonics Interactive Whiteboard program, which helps them match sounds to letters and written marks. Outcome is improved reading abilities. Full
Taylor Elementary Benjamin Miller Amazon Kindle 3 Pack & Protective Cases To get 3 Amazon Kindle Fires and protective cases. This will increase students' ability to do research with current information as well as give them access to GCPS databases. Full
Taylor Elementary Judi Morrison High Interest Level Books for Lower Level To provide high interest books for students reading two or more years below grade level. Outcome is to increase reading skills. Full
Taylor Elementary Kim Richard Books for Classroom Library and Students Provide students with multiple books on their reading levels for use in the classroom and for at home. Outcome is increased reading stamina. Full
Taylor Elementary Mandy Coleman EET for SLPs To provide an Expanding Expression Toolkit (EET) and supplemental materials to help the Speech-Language Pathologists at Taylor boost oral and written expression of students. Full
Walnut Grove Elementary Laurie Rundqwist / Carla Evans Robot Revolution: SPARK+ To enhance coding and robotics capabilities with Sphero SPARK+ Robots. Outcome will be successful engineering projects. Partial
Walnut Grove Elementary Nancy Crocker A STEMulating Lab To create a STEM lab that will serve as a resource for all students at Walnut Grove. Outcome will be student access to materials to create models and experience more engaging lesson plans for science and engineering AKS standards. Full
Walnut Grove Elementary Dr. Lynn Fagan Eagle Pride Student Leadership To continue the student leadership initiative and after school student leadership club begun last year. Outcome is to build bonds between students and CHHS students while the students bolster leadership skills. Partial
Walnut Grove Elementary Sara Luke Building Engineers One Pre-K Student at a Time To provide the preschool students with disabilities a resource to learn about engineering and STEM concepts through OSMO technology. Outcome will be better understanding of basic engineering skills. Full
Walnut Grove Elementary Keeley Grow / Robin Davidson Operation Update WGES Book Room Purpose is to support the goal of increasing reading proficiency in Walnut Grove's students. The books can be used during Guided Reading to build reading skills and comprehension. Partial

The Collins Hill Education Foundation, also known as CHEF, is proud to be on the field at this time presenting CHEF monetary grants to teachers in all six cluster schools tonight. CHEF was established in 2006 to enrich the students of the Collins Hill Cluster schools by initiating a collaborative effort between schools and the surrounding community to expand and strengthen academic opportunities, and to reaffirm their strong commitment to educational and fine arts excellence. To date CHEF has awarded 118 grants totaling over $111,000.00 dollars to the six cluster schools. The grants CHEF awards to teachers each year are like loving deposits into the hearts and minds of all of the nearly 10,000 children in our Collins Hill cluster schools community. Presenting the awards certificates is the chair of the grants committee, Dr. Laurina Williams.


The Collins Hill Education Foundation was established in 2006 to support each of the six schools and the almost 10,000 students in the Collins Hill cluster. CHEF continues to initiate a collaborative effort between schools and surrounding communities to expand and strengthen academic opportunities, as well as reaffirm commitment to educational and fine arts excellence.

The foundation's main objective is to work with sponsors to raise at minimum $45 per child in the cluster. This money will fund grants for extracurricular projects and creative activities supporting education and be available to teachers and students. CHEF has awarded over $50,000 in grants to all of the Collins Hill cluster schools.

Feel free to explore our website and contact us to learn more about CHEF and individual opportunities that you can take part in to make a difference in the education of our children.

There are many opportunities and levels of involvement with CHEF.

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  • Fundraising Committee
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